What I Learned About Digital Writing (And How I Had to Change)

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I wouldn’t call myself an expert on digital writing.

However, I have spent 5 years or more reading and learning about it.

And, before that, I’d spent a lifetime working on my regular writing. Through books by Annie Dillard, Anne Lamott, and William Zinsser, to name a few star mentors. They taught me the power of words, metaphor, voice, and revision.

I thought I was an OK writer.

But I learned that digital writing has some extra challenges.

What was different about digital writing:

Mainly through courses with smartblogger.com, I learned that

  • the headline rules (attention is short)
  • conversational style wins (with contractions like “we’ll”)
  • people love lists (they’re distracted/busy)
  • the pace has to vary (short and long sentences)
  • the web is flooded with information (connect as a helpful human)
  • the digital world is full of smart, generous writers, all learning like me.

So my goal over the next few years is:

To keep learning, to read, and to engage with the best online writers I can find.

To keep practicing in public.

To enjoy the game.


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