The People Who Have Influenced Me To Write Better

I’ve been interested in the craft of writing for a while now.

But I owe a lot of the progress I’ve made to these people:

Jon Morrow

Jon founded Smart Blogger. And guided both aspiring and experienced writers through tricky terrain online. Both the articles and the courses are top-notch. And their expert personal feedback and support help you improve quickly.

Anne Lamott

Anne knows the desperation writers can feel. She tells the story of her father helping her overwhelmed brother with a school project. “Just take it bird by bird.” She writes about the everyday. But she brings it to life with insight, gorgeous description, and edgy humor.

Sonia Simone

Sonia co-founded Copyblogger and now offers courses through Creative Fierce. She’s smart, she’s fun, has the street cred of years of writing, and her take is always nuanced and original.

These people have taught me so much. How to connect, how to find material everywhere, and even the value of analogies. And, as they did with me, I plan to pass along what I’ve learned to you.

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