If you want to live a more creative, contented, and meaningful life, this site is for you.

To make each year better than your last.

To stay true to yourself in a demanding world.

If you’ve ever asked, “How do I stay in touch with the wholehearted person I know I am?” I’m with you and that’s my question too!

This is why I started BetterEachYear. com. Because I want to explore with you how journaling can connect you with your best self. I believe that creative expression, through journaling, is a powerful way to grow in self-awareness.

In case you’re scared here, no, it doesn’t require any special skill in writing or art. A journal’s for yourself, and the idea is to have fun, explore, and jump some personal hurdles. I’ll share some inspiration, stories, research on the power of self-expression, and practical tips.

Why me? My short story is: I’m an Aussie, now back home after decades around the world. Mostly I was doing long meditation retreats and teaching the science of consciousness (as a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique). My background’s in psychology, education, and literature.

A few years ago I wrote an Amazon ebook,  Write Your Book at Fifty,  to inspire mature women (mainly) to get their stories out there.  I’ve always kept journals and love making art. This site brings together my expertise to help you find or dive deeper into yours.

I hope you’ll join me and I’d love to hear the ways I can help you on this path.

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