8 Books and Blogs on Writing Worth Your Time to Read

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Over the past 7 years, I have read over 50 writing books and blogs.

99% of them weren’t worth it.

Save yourself the time and just read these 8:

Book #1: On Writing Well

Most people misunderstand the craft of writing nonfiction.

William Zinsser’s best-selling book is for anyone who wants to improve their writing or needs to.

Book #2: The Elements of Style

Most people misunderstand the power of writing good English and making every word count.

Strunk & White’s classic book teaches you, with clarity and wit, why it’s worth mastering.

Book #3: Bird by Bird

Most people misunderstand how much all writers struggle.

Anne Lamott’s book teaches you to observe everything in your everyday life, have a sense of humor, and keep writing.

Blog #4: Smart Blogger

Most people misunderstand how to get paid with digital writing.

This blog teaches you how to ace blogging, freelance writing, and content marketing.


Blog #5: Enchanting Marketing

Most people misunderstand business writing.

This blog teaches you how to make it sizzle.


Blog #6: Goins Writer

Most people misunderstand how much honesty, daring, and work writing asks of you.

Jeff Goins teaches you to call yourself a writer and start.


Blog #7: The Creative Penn

Most people misunderstand the path to becoming a prolific well-paid author.

This blog teaches you how to make a living writing.


Blog #8: The Write Practice

Most people misunderstand the importance of deliberate practice as a writer.

This blog teaches you to mine your creativity with a regular writing habit and a supportive community.


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