7 Tips for Finding Happiness Today

1. Make something happen

There’s joy in getting something started.

  • Order the IKEA bookcase you know will help you declutter.
  • Put your unique stamp on page one of your new journal.
  • Book into a meditation or public speaking course.
  • Choose the domain name for your blog.

2. Throw the love boomerang

Staying connected with others sweetens your day.

  • Be the first to smile at a passerby.
  • Create auto-reminders so you’ll never forget a birthday.
  • Surprise a friend with a gift sent out of the blue.
  • Volunteer or donate to a new charity.

3. Rediscover your senses

Come alive through your windows into the world.

  • Treat yourself to a beautiful magazine.
  • Get messy with paint or start on a coloring book.
  • Delight yourself with fragrant flowers or essential oils.
  • Jog unplugged and listen to the life around you.

4. Mix it up

Do things differently. Novelty stimulates your brain.

  • Don that crazy hat, at least at home.
  • Stop by a new store and greet the owner.
  • Practice saying “hello” in two local languages.
  • Plan a day trip to a country art gallery.

5. Linger at lunch

Enjoy being nourished, with time on your hands.

  • Take 10 minutes to savor the taste of one piece of fruit.
  • Establish a weekly phone-free dinner to catch up with the family.
  • Chew each mouthful more to squeeze out the goodness.
  • Relish dark chocolate. Science confirms it makes you happy.

6. Find the magic in moving

Feel every muscle sing as you use it again.

  • Enjoy your favorite exercise (for even 10 minutes). Happiness and happiness like each other’s company, according to research.
  • Call a buddy to set up a daily walk.
  • Find a 30 minute online Pilates or yoga class.
  • Run with your dog, or borrow someone else’s.

7. Zoom out

Realize you’re part of the natural world’s bigger picture.

  • Stand for 10 minutes with the morning light on your face.
  • Marvel at the NASA Image of the Day.
  • Switch off your devices with the sunset.
  • Go somewhere to watch the moon and stars clearly.

Prepare to be surprised!

Because you’re curious about finding happiness, it’ll catch up with you everywhere.

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