3 Simple (But Effective) Pieces Of Advice I’d Give Anyone Starting In Digital Writing

Typewriter with words "the best way is just to start"
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These are the 3 simple (but effective) pieces of advice I’d give anyone starting out (or who wants to get started):

Advice #1: Find 3 good writers and read them every day

Quality writing is gold for a newbie. Find three online writers whose words hit home to you. The ones who speak to you, energize you, and inform you. Then devour their content, daily, as if they’ve agreed to be your personal mentor.

Advice #2: Copy good writing once a week

The act of copying longhand, well-written content, teaches you. You’ll pick up the power of nouns and verbs, of rhythm, of sensory imagery.

Artists copy the masters. So do aspiring writers.

Advice #3: Practice in public

Your taste will outrun your ability at first and you can get despondent, as Ira Glass famously said. But if you’re fearless in starting, the act of publishing regularly, without or despite feedback, will see your confidence soar.

Honestly, I wish someone had told me these 3 things earlier in my career.

But I’m at least glad I can pass them along to you.

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