1 Tip I Would Give Someone Who Wanted To Get Started Working In a Creative Field

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Do you want to get started working in a writing, art, or acting field?

I’ve been in the writing world for seven years. (And for decades I’ve worked with creative people as a meditation teacher).

And I can tell you from experience that to work long-term in any creative industry, you need to :

  • be resourceful,
  • be open to feedback and change (yes, ready to park your lovely but sensitive ego at the door)
  • be resilient.

So, here’s the one tip I would give you if you wanted to pursue a creative career path:

Find a Way to Ramp Up Your Self-Awareness and Self-Care

Be curious about your strengths. And set up habits to counteract your weaknesses.

Your mind is a fertile field of inspiration. Plumb its depths daily.

Nurture a wide-awake, fluid brain so catching and implementing ideas becomes easy. Care for your body/brain with exercise, fresh air and food, and rest. It will be your friend or foe on this creative ride.

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